HPV Vaccine Statistics

HPV Vaccine Under Scrutiny – Please read if you have a daughter who has had or is going to have the HPV Vaccine
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by Neva J. Howell

Facts about the HPV vaccine being given to young women

If you have a daughter who is getting the HPV vaccine, you should be aware of the following statistics:

23 million doses administered in the US as of 9/09
32 deaths where HPV vaccine is implicated or a factor
12,424 adverse reactions attributed to HPV vaccine

Of those reactions, 772 were considered severe and included reactions such as the whole body reaction known as anaphylaxis (a medical emergency requiring immediate medical attention), blood clots, pancreatic failure and motor neuron disease.

The HPV vaccine is also being investigated and is implicated in the death of a preteen in Britain who received the Cervarix vaccine for HPV. Another British girl had seizures and has brain damage associated with the vaccine.

Source: American Association for Health Freedom

Are the benefits worth the risk? As a parent, educate yourself fully before allowing your daughter to receive this vaccine.

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