Do Natural Remedies Have Side Effects?

If Natural Remedies are safer than drugs, does that mean they don’t ever cause allergic reaction or have side effects?
Is it ok to use natural remedies along with prescription drugs?

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Answering question on side effects from natural remedies:

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Question on healing: I’ve read so much about prescription drug interactions and hear so many side effects listed in the drug commercials. Are natural remedies free of side effects?

Healing Facilitation Response:

I agree that prescription drug ads are full of warnings, cautions and potential side effects. By contrast, natural remedies might seem to be a safe alternative. However, any substance on the earth that you can put in your mouth, put on your skin or breathe into your lungs can have unintended, unwanted results including side effects that range from annoying to life-threatening.

The issue of interactions becomes exponentially more tangled whenever someone is attempting to use both natural remedies and prescription drugs for the same condition. Since natural remedies do some of the same things the drugs do, it can be a case of too much of a good thing. Also, there is always the potential that some natural herb, vitamin or mineral, or even food, can interact with a prescription drug in a way that was never intended or anticipated.

I’ve reached the point in my own awareness of this issue that I hardly ever can counsel anyone who is under a doctor’s care, with regard to any natural supplement whatsoever. I really feel it’s pretty much an either/or choice. You either choose to address health challenges naturally or medically.

Even if you use natural remedies exclusively, this does not rule out the potential of unwanted side effects. I’ve started a section dedicated to side effects that are associate with natural substances such as herbs, vitamins and minerals, over at the Wellness Library.

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