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Thinking about building a straw bale house? Terrific resource for straw bale information including how to determine what type of house to build, how to build it, straw bale dimensions for houses and more. Related article: How to detox your home

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Andrew Morrison Straw Bale Builder offers articles on different aspects of straw bale home building

For quite some time now, I’ve been getting emails from Andrew’s Straw Bale website. Ever since I found out about cobb housing, straw bale houses and other alternative living structures, I’ve wanted to have one. I want to take a workshop sometime and I bet Andrew’s workshops are the best.

I am including a couple of recent articles he sent in the last newsletter. If you have been wanting to build a straw bale house, here’s your chance to find out a lot more about it and what is involved (quite a lot actually) so that you can make your decision.

Entering Straw Bale Dimensions with Andrew:
Connecting a Straw Bale Addition to an Existing House

Article one is about building a strawbale addition where there is a frame involved other than just the strawbales themselves. This is called an infill structure. Andrew talks about tips to help with successfully building an addition as an infill structure.

Article two addresses how to build straw bale walls that come out nice and straight. If you have been told or read that the way to do it when stacking your bales is to place them the same distance from the exterior plane as the width of your strawbales, Andrew says that isn’t the best way. Find out how to design your straw bale home with nice, straight walls.

Straw bale home terminology help – Critical Path

According to Andrew, your critical path is the timeline of completion. Andrew says it is the most important part of your straw bale construction. The critical path is the timeline along which different aspects of your construction need to take place, for everything to come together good at the end. You’ll find more information on his website about defining your critical path, your straw bale dimensions, and much, much more.

Andrew also teaches others how to build straw bale houses via his Be Your Own Contractor online course (just look for the BYOC button on his website for more information.)

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