Swine Flu Vaccine Information

Swine Flu Vaccine Information
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This ain’t the first time we’ve seen H1N1

I didn’t realize that there had been an outbreak of swine flu before the current outbreak that is causing so much panic.  It was in the 70’s.  This is important because it changes vulnerability status for some.  From what I have read, if you were born AFTER 1970, your body probably already has the H1N1 antibody.  It would seem those most in risk to catch swine flu would be those born after 1970 and expectant mothers.

Is the 2009 swine flu vaccine safe?  There’s no proof that it is safe.  There is some proof that it may not be safe.  In fact, it is being linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a brain disorder that can be deadly.  There’s a history with this connection so please read on.

I personally don’t believe in vaccines and feel, on a whole, they do more harm than good.  In certain cases, where a true pandemic is occurring, a vaccine might save lives but really….if a pandemic occurs when the majority of people alive are exposed to a new strain of something, then a vaccine probably won’t be available anyway til later.  Any vaccine rushed out to halt the progress of a new strain of something will also be untested to a great degree.  The problems from vaccines, such as the new connection between certain vaccines and autism, may not be seen for decades.

There was a swine flu vaccine developed in the mid-70’s.  It wasn’t properly tested and neither has this current vaccine been tested for safety.  There hasn’t been time.  And….why the need for a new vaccine if we already have one?  Maybe because the swine flu vaccine first used resulted in too many instances of Guillain-Barre Syndrome and other negative side effects.  Who has tested how many instances this current vaccine may trigger and where is that information publically available?

Of course, vaccines are not the only possible trigger for Guillain-Barre Syndrome (others include mono, lupus, AIDS and herpes) yet if the appearance of this condition follows fairly close after swine flu vaccination, that vaccination may have been a trigger.

Learn more about Guillain-Barre Syndrome

If you want to believe the swine flu vaccine is safe, here’s a good affirmative site.
H1N1 Swine Flu Side Effects

A very pertinent statement on that website is this one:
“There’s no denying that the virus particle used in the vaccine has never been used before. No scientific calculation can rule out the chance that something unexpected might happen.”

The common flu happens every year and I personally believe that the overuse of antibiotics helps it mutate. There are simple flu prevention tips that can help to prevent catching the flu.

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