Morphic Field of Money

Yanked back into the frequency of lack
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I sold my home and all my possessions last year, as part of spiritual guidance to prepare for a more fluid way of living and to release myself from the morphic field of money.

Mind you, I did not know that was what I was doing. I thought I was selling the property I had purchased to create a healing center because my next door neighbors built chicken houses across the road. It was not until later that I realized it was a lot more than that.

So back to this morphic field around money. Many feel it is deadly to the current shift in awareness that fluxing in and out for most of us right now and wants to stabilize in the lives of many and that it has to collapse. Until now, we have created an environment where pieces of paper and blocks of gold define reality. I am part of the movement away from that and toward something new that is unfolding at a cosmic level.

Yet, I saw yesterday just how easy it is to get yanked back into the collective mindset around money, what I know as the morphic field of money.

A morphic field, to me, is a living body of consciousness that had pull and power whenever I am at a vibrational frequency close to that of the consciousness gridline.

The more people who play the game, in other words, the more people who believe they have to have money to live, the stronger the morphic field of money becomes.

It’s a pretty big field. I have attempted to think of money as little as possible since selling my home and healing center. Yesterday, I was thinking of an unexpected bill that came. It was only $271 and it really isn’t even mine to pay. It came to me when it should have gone to the person who bought my building. Yet, the morphic field of debt came on me and I feared. I feared I would have to pay it anyway.

I did this even though I know what you fear, you attract. It was a kneejerk reaction from my conditioned left brain which got me just close enough to the fire of that morphic field to suddenly be in it, fullblown again.

I guess the blessing is how quickly I recognize that happening now. I’m already playing with other realities and ways of looking at it.

My friend, Loretta, helped me do this this morning when she advised me not to create a picture of the other guy not paying his bill. I had been doing that unconsciously and sending that image out.

Good correction. Thanks Loretta.

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