Slim.Fast Recall

Voluntary Recall by Slim.Fast Manufacturer

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Health alert for Slim.Fast Users – Recall of popular ready-to-drink shakes in cans

If you use Slim.Fast diet drinks, please read this health alert.

I have to give it to companies who do a voluntary recall. Such is the case with the manufacturers of Slim-Fast diet shakes. And the recall is quite a large one, affecting ALL the following, regardless of the best used by date, lot number, UPC number or flavor.

Slim-Fast 3 2 1
Slim-Fast Optima
Slim-Fast High Protein
Slim-Fast Lower Carb

It also includes the Slim Fast classic ready-to-drink cans as well as the Easy to Digest Slim Fast shakes in cans.

The company has a toll free number you may call for additional information:


You may also visit the Slim Fast Website for updates on the voluntary recall of Slim Fast ready-to-drink product line

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