Orb over my bed

Spirit Orbs and Light Orbs / What do they mean?
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by Neva J. Howell

Question on Spiritual Phenomenon:

While I was in the hospital on December 5 and started to relax and do Reiki on myself. I felt the need to look up so I opened my eyes and there was a primarily white orb with a orange ring around it above, right at the ceiling. It move about 2 feet then back to where I saw it. I blinked, I looked away and it was still there when I looked back. I was excited and calmed by it at the same time. It lasted less 30 seconds. I then did my self Reiki and then sent a distant Reiki to my child who was upset that I was in the hospital. Could you offer any insight into what this may have been? I appreciate your time.

Healing Facilitation Response:
That combination of feelings, calmed and excited, is what I feel when I have had a touch of home. What I mean by that is I get those same sensations whenever I’ve been visited by members of my oversoul group. These are beings I am intimately involved with over time and different lifetimes, beings that have invested in my progress spiritually. It has the feel of someone from your gridline of other-realm support, showing up to assist you during a challenging time. That sort of connection can come with visuals such as an orb.

It’s also possible it may have been one of your child’s oversoul group or guides, since you sent distant Reiki to her afterwards.

In any case, I’d see the orb as a blessing.

ps. the Reiki frequency would have created Sacred Space and an environment where other-realm helpers like Angels would feel welcome too.
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