Reiki Healing Modality Series

Holistic Medicine Therapies / Reiki Healing Series added to Wellness Library

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Learn about Reiki Training, Attunements and the Reiki Achies

I recently updated and expanded the information over at the wellness library, about the holistic medicine modality called Reiki. If you are unfamiliar with this type of healing modality, you may enjoy the series.

Also, if you think you might want to take a Reiki class or workshop, there is good info on what to expect during the workshop and during the weeks following being attuned to Reiki.

Start Here: What is Reiki?
How does a person learn Reiki?
What are the Reiki Achies?
Are there rules to using Reiki?
Are there dvd’s that show Reiki being used?
Will I see angels or guides when I do Reiki?
How do I know a distant healing worked?

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