Infinite Love and Gratitude – by phone

The Lifeline Technique for Healing

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Recommended Lifeline Technique Facilitator, Abigail Thurston

I was privileged to enjoy a complementary Lifeline session with facilitator Abigail Thurston. Abigail was a friend and I always enjoyed her energy and company.

I did not know she did this Lifeline Technique until we were talking and she mentioned it.

I always enjoy learning about new modalities and connecting into new energetic gridlines so when Abigail offered a complementary Lifeline Technique session, I said yes immediately.

It was a powerful experience and I enjoyed Abigail’s healing facilitation very much.

She oozes true compassion and joy. Abigail’s exhuberance and enthusiasm for the Infinite Love and Gratitude affirmation which is said repeatedly during the session was contagious and fun.

I felt several strong shifts during the phone session.

I liked the running of the meridians that Abigail did and found the meridians she chose were in alignment with my own knowing about which areas of my body needed attention.

I also enjoyed the color therapy introduced when Abigail put on colored glasses, as me, to infuse the field with green. I felt it and it was delicious.

Lifeline Technique Incorporates Many Modalities:
The combination of tools used in the Lifeline Technique is quite lengthy and I plan to do a longer article over at the wellness library in the future, to add to my alternative medicine therapies information there.

Briefly, it incorporates acupuncture, chakra therapy, color therapy, EMDR (this was powerful for me as well), AK, NLP, TBM, NET, Shamanistic Processes, homeopathy, Psychoneuroimmunology, and more. Wow, I really need to do a page on the alternative medicine therapies section on each and every one of those!

Until then, if you want to know more about Infinite Love and Gratitude, visit the Lifeline Technique website. Or better yet, experience the Lifeline Technique with Abigail.

One note: This healing technique is extremely verbal. I am a more sense-based being when in a healing environment so it worked best for me to just allow the words to flow over me rather than participate in completely active listening. If you are an auditory-based being, you will LOVE this technique.

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