Finding Your Spiritual Soulmate

Looking for a Spiritual Partner? It’s an interesting idea ….
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How would my love life have been different if Spiritual Singles had been around decades ago? Is finding your spiritual soulmate all it’s cracked up to be?

In my last post, I shared one of the most painful times of my life – the melt-down of my 7-year spiritual marriage and the loss of what I believe was the most significant relationship I will ever have in this life.

Since that happened, in 2001, I’ve pretty much felt that dating and all that might lead to was over for me. I still feel that way. I literally feel as if that part of my life is over.

We had a special kind of relationship anyway. Neither of us worked outside the home so I figure we spent as much time together in that seven years than most couples do in 25 years of traditional marriage where one or both spouses work.

However, for so many of my friends, dating and seeking that spiritually conscious partner to travel through life with is still very much a part of the dream and the desire.

I recently found out about a website called Spiritual Singles.

What is Spiritual Singles?
It’s what it sounds like – an online dating site.

However, it’s an online dating site with a difference – the aim of Spiritual Singles is to assist you in finding your spiritual soulmate.

The focus is on connecting spiritually conscious people who are seeking relationships that contribute to the greater good.

It’s an interesting idea and I can’t help but wonder how my life may have been different if Spiritual Singles had existed a few decades ago.

I believe I was successful in finding my spiritual soulmate and, wow, did that turn out differently than I expected!

Did I really find my soulmate or did I just find the person with whom I had the most karmic connection?

Might I have found a person I could spend the rest of my life with, if I had access to a big pool of men with spiritual focus in their lives?

If I had been able to correspond at length with each of these men before I ever met them and hormones or energetic connection or past lives influenced my decision to go into relationship?

Who knows? And I don’t know if you will find that person either of if finding your spiritual soulmate is even the same as finding that partner you can live with for life.

However, if the beginning criteria is spiritual consciousness, I would assume the people you will connect with will at least have spirituality as a focus in their lives.

If this sounds like something that might be helpful to you, Visit Spiritual Singles and explore the potential of spiritually conscious networking online.

If finding your spiritual soulmate is what is in your highest best interest, then I hope this is a resource that can help you do that.

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