Health Conditions and Heart Palpitations

Common Health Conditions that may cause Heart Palpitations
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Health Conditions that may cause heart arrythmia

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This is part of a series on what causes heart palpitations.
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Common dietary imbalances, herbs, and health challenges that may cause heart palpitations

Trying to figure out what causes heart palpitations can seem a bit daunting, simply because there are so many factors that may influence heartbeat. Some of the health conditions involving symptoms that may include heart palpitations:
not meant to be an exhaustive list

Chemotherapy for cancer
Thyroid Disease
High Blood Pressure and meds for high blood pressure
Numerous heart conditions (see your doctor if you suspect heart problems)
Withdrawing from prescription drugs such as Paxil

Electrolyte Imbalance – Too much or too little of the top four minerals needed for normal heart function: magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium Figuring out which one you have too little or too much of can be a challenge. One way is to look at everything you’ve ingested in the past 24 hours and look for high levels of one or the other.

Dietary habits you need to look at include:
Drinking too much caffeine-containing beverages
Drinking too much alcohol
Smoking too many tobacco products

Herbs and Supplements that could cause arrythmia
(not meant to be a comprehensive list):

Ginko Biloba (although also quite often suggested as a cardiovascular system tonic)

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