Heart Palpitations at Night

What causes heart palpitations at night?
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Tracking down possible causes of my heart palpitations at night

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I’ve been having fairly severe heart palpitations at night, for about a week now. I’ve had irregular heart before, see above post, but that time I think it was hormonal and related to menopause. Now, I’m not so sure so I’ve been researching what causes heart palpitations and specifically what causes irregular heartbeat at night.

The main culprit overall appears to be eating too much and then going to bed. If the digestive system is overwhelmed, apparently, your heart can struggle and this may cause irregular heartbeat, or afib, particularly at night.

However, I’ve also tracked down a link between cinnamon and heart palpitations. I just started taking a supplement with cinnamon in it so I’m going to lay off that for a few days and see if it might have been cinnamon causing heart palpitations.

Maybe I have had them during the day too but just didn’t notice. I have noticed I feel tired. I haven’t slept well for about a week too, so that could be a factor as I found a link between chronic insomnia and heart palpitations too.

Additional potential causes … electrolyte imbalance, tea tree oil, quinine, blood pressure issues, medication side effects.

2 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations at Night

  1. After a weeklong diet of french toast spiced with a lot of cinnamon (powder labelled as Ceylon) I felt a large hand was squeezing my heart and had palpitations as well. I though I was going to have a heart attack at any moment…

    I stopped the cinnamon and I am back to normal.

    yahoo dot com

  2. Zazie: That’s really good information to have. I know I’ve read that cinnamon side effects and allergic reactions could be severe. In your case, it certainly seems so.

    I’m wondering if you cooked that french toast in a lot of butter or added a lot of butter? Over a week, a very high fat diet like that might be enough to cause some issues of it’s own if you had pre-existing arterial plaque. Be wise with your health and have your heart checked if this is true. Might have been more than cinnamon involved.

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