Herbs and Supplements for Heart Palpitations

Natural help for restoring a healthy heartbeat – Beneficial Herbs and Nutritional Supplements for Heart Palpitations

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Natural substances which may be helpful for reducing heart palpitations not associated with a medical condition such as heart disease

If you are under a doctor’s care for heart disease or any other condition, please check with your doctor before trying any of these natural remedies for heart palpitations

This is part of a series on what causes heart palpitations.
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Part Four: Health Conditions that may cause heart palpitations

Herbs for heart palpitations:
not an exhaustive list

Hawthorn (general heart tonic that is safe for most to take longterm.
More on Hawthorn for a healthy heart

Motherwort – May be particularly helpful for menopausal women who are experiencing heart palpitations that may be hormonal in nature.

Other Supplements helpful for heart palpitations:
not an exhaustive list

Flaxseed Oil
Vitamin E

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