Suspected Collembola Infestation

What can be done if springtail infestation in humans and pets occurs? Information on using ivermectin safely, and risks of using ivermectin. Natural skin parasite killers.

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by Neva J. Howell

Question on Health: (admin note: corrected abbreviated words for clarity)

Pretty sure I’m dealing with a collembola infection and wondering what your protocol is. Seemed to occupy one area of the house first, then blew up around the time we drank some supposedly safe natural spring water. Now, they are everywhere in our house. We stayed in a hotel last night and symptoms were present but better. Much better. We are washing clothes w ammonia and bagging and have ordered ivermectin for ourselves and cats.

Healing Facilitation Response:  What are the symptoms?  Have you had any samples tested?

Important to know for sure what you are dealing with.  Read about the different kinds of scabiesand rule that out because your doctor may suggest a different approach if it is scabies and not collembola.

The problem may be that most doctors don’t even recognize that a springtail infestation is possible in humans so it may be hard to find one that will test for that. Collembola would not be contracted by drinking water.  They would be coming from the soil, under the house or around the house.

Springtails live on mold and fungus so keeping kitchens, bathrooms and basements dry and mold-free is vital.  Springtails can live in wall voids too so treating the entire house is advisable if you feel you have collembola infestation in humans and pets.

Master Mineral Supplement, previously called Miracle Mineral Supplement, has been suggested as effective against springtail infestation, which is more than just being bit by a parasite, it is an parasitic infestation of the skin. MMS is not an FDA-approved supplement (in fact, the FDA wants to ban this product for health use) and reports are simply those of people who feel it worked for that purpose, at this point.

The people who make Master / Miracle Mineral Supplement have dosing suggestions for suspected parasitic infestation.  However, you really need to read up on MMS before using it and weight the risks vs benefits.

I have a couple of pages on my site about my experience with MMS:
Miracle Mineral Supplement
Master Mineral Supplement Side Effects

If it were me, and I thought I had a collembola infestation, I would probably use PCA-rx as well as using MMS.  In particular, I feel that PCA-rx might be a better option for children in the home.

However, I repeat, there are specific side effects and risks that I’ve written about with mms so be sure to read that page and also to read over the instructions for using MMS that are available online. As far as animals go, I’ve used MMS for both dogs and cats with good results but I’m not a veterinarian so check with your vet on using anything else, especially with ivermectin.

Personally, I would not take ivermectin myself or give it to children.  However, having said that, I know that ivermectin is considered to be generally well-tolerated and safe.  It is effective for scabies but I’m not sure about collumbolla since the two are very different types of creatures.

Ivermectin can make asthma symptoms worse and there may be prescription drug interactions to be aware of.  Information on ivermectin safety

Health Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or a vet and do not diagnose or prescribe.  I provide health information for educational purposes.

4 thoughts on “Suspected Collembola Infestation

  1. hi there, im the one who asked this question and i’d like to update that we have since moved to a new apartment, feeling quite attacked and toxic in the other one and are definately sure that we are now dealing with collembola.

    humans and animals have seen doctors to no avail, tests show nothing (they aren’t testing for collembola).

    we are better in this house. its an old house but feels dry and has hardwood floors to clean, so, we aren’t feeling attacked by the house and air here.

    the ivermectin we and the cats took did nothing if very little.

    and laundering with ammonia has given me a huge skin rash on my legs, as if i needed another thing to deal with.

    since nothing is working, and from what i can tell this is some serious fungus, bacteria, and pesticide nanotechnology problem, we are starting a master cleanse tomorrow for as many days as we can handle…. up to 10, followed by dr. hulda clark’s detox protocol which should remove toxins and parasites from our organs.

    we are desperate and not much is helping.

    we also starting taking diatomaceous earth internally and are taking homeopathic medicine a la our homeopath, Janice Soloman, resonant healing with classical homeopathy.

    dr. clark believed and tested (she was an MD and ND) that all diseases could be rooted to pollution (chemicals and metals) and parasites.

    and i see major floaters in my eyes, which shows a liver issue.

    toxins anyone!!!!!

    anyways, ill report after a few weeks of cleansing if anything is helping.

    thanks for your help…

  2. Thank you so much for reporting back in on this. And it’s kind of timely that you wrote today because I just got through getting a massage with sesame oil and during the conversation, my massage therapist told me that sesame oil will kill skin parasites like scabies. So…..I’m wondering if it might not also kill collembola?

    Organic, cold-pressed sesame seed oil actually has a great deal of benefits from what I’ve read on ayurvedic medicine websites, including being a cancer inhibitor. I never knew this.

    It definitely has the sesame smell. You end up smelling like an Asian restaurant but if it kills em and helps your skin at the same time, might be worth trying.

    I don’t know which brands might be best. Actually, I’m going to tell my massage therapist that it is suggested that only organic, cold-pressed sesame oil be used. I don’t think hers was organic.

    Apparently, the non-organic brands contain chemicals from processing.

    I am hoping for you a speedy end to this trouble. Please do report back and let us know what works.

    I don’t know if you read about the miracle mineral supplement? I think that’s how you found me in the first place? Anyway, I first heard about that from someone who asked me about it after one of her relatives apparently got rid of collembola with it, after years of suffering and doctors who would not, as yours are not, even test for it.

    The info on MMS is here:

    It’s not just a supplement to take capriciously as there are several rules as to when to take it and what to eat or not eat or drink with it.

    Please let me know how the master cleanse does for you.

  3. For a house issue, I would also take a look at Benefect –

    At $39 to treat 2200 sqft and being safe and non-toxic, it would be worth a try for treatment of solid surfaces.

    For owning a home, CleanSeal is a great remedy to kill and seal fungus and mold, which may help:

    PCA-Rx is great for detox, but perhaps looking at the BioGuard and Probiotics Rx at Maxam would be of better benefit for a fungal or other issue.

  4. Summer, thanks for the info.

    Looks like Benefect contains Thyme. Essential oil of thyme diluted in water is a very potent insecticide. I haven’t read anything specifically about collembola but wouldn’t be surprised if Benefect were helpful in that situation since it contains thyme.

    There’s a bit of info on Benefect at benefect dot com

    I had not heard of cleanseal. Very interesting idea. The cleanseal traps microbes underneath it so they cannot escape and cannot regrow. Interesting but maybe also expensive for a treatment.

    There’s info on cleanseal at cleansealep dot com

    I am just learning about the other products in the Maxam Labs line. As you know, I love pca-rx. On my second bottle now.

    Will look forward to learning more about the Bioguard and Probiotics.

    Anyone wanting info on the products Summer mentioned can access them through the same link I provide for the pca-rx here:

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