Another case of scabies

Scabies infestation after beauty procedure

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Health Alert for Beauticians and Estheticians

Yes, I know they cover head lice and other types of infectious or contagious skin conditions in beauty school. Still, scabies can be mistaken for really dry skin or psoriasis and people may not always known to get a proper examination and diagnosis.

Case in point – the day after I wrote the post about collembola which is linked above, I got another question from a esthetician who had contracted scabies after doing a skin buff treatment of some sort, the kind that takes off dead skin cells, on a person who thought they just had really bad itchy skin that had gotten irritated from scratching it.

Luckily, that person had enough integrity to call back and tell the esthetician that they later found out it was scabies. Some may be too embarrassed to call but, believe me, the beautician will be grateful if you do.

The point I would make is that no service provider has to put themselves in harm’s way. The esthetician, who had never seen scabies before, felt something was just not right. He could have told the client to see a doctor and bring a doctor’s slip in ruling out infectious or contagious skin conditions, before working on this client.

Please understand that treating your body is not enough. You must also treat your entire house / work space, clothing, bedding, pets and other people. Be aggressive. For more information visit Ask a Healer article on eradicating scabies

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