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Couldn’t a said it better myself – first aid kit of herbs and spices
The best herbs to have on hand for inflammation, weight loss, mental clarity, blood sugar balance, emotional calming, cancer, fungal infections and more.

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I got this list of beneficial herbs and spices by email. I was a little confused as to original author as there was a name at the bottom, Firefly – Lilia Adecer Cajilog – a Tawo Seed Carrier, and also a link to a post by Dr. Eric Braverman. I’ve included a link to the website at the end of this article but not an answer to which is the original collector of this list of useful herbs and spices.

I looked over the list and saw almost all of my favorite herbs and spices:

Lemongrass, rosemary, turmeric, cayenne, thyme, garlic, oregano, ginger, thyme, chicory, etc.

Here are some of the healthy properties that Firefly associates with each:

Anti-inflammatory herbs – Rosemary and Basil. I’d also add Turmeric to that list.

Mind power herbs and spices – helpful to fight alzheimers and dementia: Sage and Cumin

Weight loss herbs and spices Cinnamon and Cayenne. Some folks are allergic to cinnamon. For some, too much cinnamon causes heard palpitations. I’m one of those. I can enjoy cinnamon in low doses but taking it every day, for me, isn’t good. If you can tolerate it though, great for weight loss assist and blood sugar balance support

Blood Sugar Helpers Herbs and Spices As mentioned above, cinnamon great for this if not allergic. Firefly also lists coriander, which was a new one for me. I like coriander as a spice to help with digestion too.

Dr. Braverman’s list of herbs and spices for mood enhancement Suggests using nutmeg, saffron, bay leaves or lemon grass for soothing and calming the emotions. If depression is present, Firefly lists the following herbs and spices as helpful:  black pepper, rosemary, coriander and cayenne.

In addition, Eric suggests turmeric to help the body fight cancer, oregano to help the body fight fungal infections, chicory, garlic and mustard seed as heart assists and thyme and basil for your skin

For immune system support, Braverman lists the following herbs and spices as beneficial: basil, turmeric, cimmamon, saffron, thyme and ginger

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