Walking Meditation – Shifting Reality

Walking into the new and releasing the old – Releasing the past and stepping into a new way of being – My Walking meditation in a snowbound cabin allows for transformative shifts

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Finding the strength to refuse settling
Deciding I will not accept a life less than full of joy, health, wealth, fun and passion

Last night, I did a walking meditation. I was snowbound, in a small cabin, so I walked in a circuitous way around furniture for an hour and a half.

It was a deliberate walk, a soul-level meditation. I spoke out loud my intention as I walked.

With each step, I let drop behind me every shred of belief based on what I think is possible for my life. I let old patterns drop and old ways of feeling, being, thinking. They drop and dissolve into pure radiant light behind me, backlighting the path to a new reality, my optimal reality.

I AM, with every step, coming more and more into the optimal frequency God holds for my ultimate experience of joy, health, wealth, love, light, fun and passion. It is beyond what I can imagine so I simply, with each step, walk more fully into it, allowing each step to drop away more and more of what was before.

I became aware of pain in my body, which intensified the more I walked and spoke this new intent. I recognized the pain as emerging from my ego self. Not knowing it was ok to rest, the personality was clinging to old patterns of behavior that had encoded in my bones, my blood, my organs, my skin. It was painful to keep walking. Keep walking, I did.

I soothed my ego and repeatedly reminded that controlling, protective part of my personality that it could rest. Eventually, my body got the message.

At the end of my walking meditation, I was literally so tired I could barely hold my eyes open and I felt as if I was coming down with the flu. I recognized this symptom as well – cellular detox.

I have changed my relationship to ALL THAT IS and my relationship to my self.

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