Big Brother and Your Right to Privacy

Big Brother and Your Right to Privacy: Pro, Con and My Two Cents Worth A Peace Pilgrim speaks out on protecting our privacy and feeding our fears.

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Privacy Invasion / Balancing Fear About Governmental Interference
I got this email from Peace Pilgrim Scaughdt. This issue of privacy and Big Brother has many perspectives and angles. While I agree with Scaughdt that a new approach to governmental invasion of our privacy is needed, I differ in the idea that has so much to do with what we are ashamed of. I have information that I don’t want shared because, basically, I don’t want it shared. Period. I feel a person has that right, or should have that right.

However, looking at things from a metaphysical standpoint, with the internet represented the closest we’ve come to Akashic Records access in a mainstream way, this idea of keeping anything at all private may be an illusion. It simply may be that there are no secrets anymore, on any level, with anybody, including the government.

Anyway, that’s my two cents and here’s Scaughdt’s:

Greetings Friend!

I recently received a disturbing email (paraphrased below) that warned us all about the government infiltrating our private lives based upon the searches we make on Internet search-engines. And yet what bothered me about the mail was not our government’s intervention into our private lives, but rather our growing obsession with fear; our growing desire to hide who we are choosing to be.

And so I ask: If there are behaviors & beliefs you are wanting to keep private, is the solution really to find a better way of keeping them secret?

Maybe it’s time for a different approach to Big Brother. Maybe it’s time to stop hiding who we are and what we do. Maybe it’s time to either change the behaviors we are ashamed of, or simply stop being ashamed of them!

Consider, with kindness …


Live compassion…
Inspire generosity…
Value service…
Empower peace…

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