A Quantum Moment with Cigarette Smoke

Visceral reaction to a smoke-filled room and how that moment triggered a spiritual shift years later

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Severe Allergic Reactions to Cigarette Smoke Led Me Down a Path of Judgment and Resistance – This moment taught me that but not for several years

Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Isn’t it interesting how a moment can come back to you later, and carry new information? This is a phenomenon I’ve noticed as a spiritual being. It’s as if a soul-level seed is planted in consciousness that later blooms into a new awareness. This is a bit of prose about an experience I had over a decade ago that bloomed in my consciousness today when I encountered cigarette smoke in a visceral way:

Cigarette smoke, like a punching bag,
hit the fist of my resistance.

I felt knocked back a step,
rather than having
consciously stepped back.

Putrid, my lungs shouted,
Putrid and foul!
What am I doing here?
May I buy a vowel?

and three more?
I! I! I!

Glancing about,
I see thru the fog
People laughing and talking
in this punching bag space.

Why do they do this?
Oh, why torture so?
Wait, who is it tortured?
Not them. Me.

Is there a reason
I cannot see?

Why the spiritually aware may smoke

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