12 strand dna activation

The 12 strands of our double-helix dna hold our past, present and future potential – Now is the time for activation of the 12-strand dna and also the 13th dna strand

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dna activation as a catalyst for the next planetary phase of spiritual awakening

Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I was reminded by a friend this morning about 12-strand dna activation. I once knew a lot more about this but that knowledge got lost in the events of my life over the past decade. I’m grateful it’s coming back bit by bit now.

I remember walking the halls of my spiritual center a year ago, talking out loud. I was teaching a workshop. I thought I was rehearsing and maybe I was. Maybe this is something that’s coming. It could also be that I was literally teaching a workshop on etheric planes. I feel this is happening more and more. Light Workers everywhere are meeting outside the realm of physical spaces, and learning from one another.

Part of what I was teaching in this workshop was how to interact with the dna as a healing facilitator. I could see the machine-like function of the different parts of the dna and understood that it was possible to interact with any part of the dna in a way that could help facilitate transformative shifts.

I’m so grateful to be reminded of this, this very morning. Thank you Kathy for that timely reminder.

There are prophecies coming forth now, about ancient sites on the earth where information was placed for these times. Hidden until now, these sites are being discovered and their messages revealed. In that same way, I know that potent and transmutative information is coded into our dna and is now being stimulated into release.

If you are interested in learning more about dna activation, and specifically want to experience 12-strand dna activtation, here’s a video that is designed to facilitate 12-strand dna activation. Before watching, I recommend going into meditation and asking if this is appropriate information for you at this time.

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