Arcturian dna activation

The piece of the dna activation puzzle held by the Arcturians – I believe this video is part of it, speaking as an Arcturian who remembers – excellent symbology video for dna activation

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More information about the dna-activation many have spoke about, that is available now and helping to spiritually assist in these transformative times

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I don’t know how long I’ve know that I am Arcturian. I do remember some not so nice things we did, we Arcturians. I also remember how noble and true many of us have been to the vision of a new earth and a transformed reality that would serve all.

I have been researching 12-strand dna activation and 13th dna strand information today. I came across a video that spoke to me. The subject is dna activation and the source is reported to be Arcturian. I believe this is true.

Before you watch the youtube video I’ve linked below on dna activation, check in to see if it is appropriate for you at this time. The images are powerful and felt like home and reunion to me. For others, they may shift things quite rapidly and may not be for everyone at this time.

DNA Awakening – Arcturian Key Codes for Evolution

My thanks to the person who created this. And greetings to fellow Arcturians who are aware of the important role we are playing in the shifts of this day and time. We are doing good. I am feeling good about us too.

There is a 12-strand dna activation video on youtube and the creators of it say it is the code to the process. I’d suggest asking if you personally get a yes on viewing the 12-strand dna activation video as I assume nothing is for everyone.

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