The Seven Creative Principles

The Seven Creative Principles by Butler Spiritual inspiration from Esoteric Publishing

1923 Hardback Edition of The Seven Creative Principles by Hiram Erastus Butler, 9th edition

A series of seven lectures delivered before the society for esoteric culture, of Boston, with Introductory lecture on the idea of God, and concluding lecture on esoteric significance of color.

Published by the Soteric Fraternity of Applegate, California in 1923

170 pages plus about a dozen pages on other Esoteric Publishing books, probably not in print any longer but interesting to read aobut

Condition: Good, spine scuffed and a bit loose at bottom in back and a few loose pages. Will need to be handled carefully when reading. Previous owner’s name in front inside “Harmony Sanctuary”. No dust jacket

Chapters include the seven creative principles : Force, Discrimination, Order, Cohesion, Fermentation, Transmutation and Sensation. Additional chapters: The idea of God and the Esoteric Signficance of Color.

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