Astrology and Your Childhood

Unraveling the energy of your childhood with your astrological birth chart
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How your birth chart can help you understand your childhood
Source: Baby Birth Chart dot com (site no longer online but keeping post up since it’s good advice.

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Interpreting your childhood using an astrological birth chart can help you better understand your present personality. To do this, you need to provide your exact birth details and know which aspects in your birth chart reveal about your childhood.

More often, you need to understand your past in order to explain your present behavior and personality. Your astrological birth chart can help you do this by following these two simple steps in interpreting your childhood:

Give your astrologer vital birth details
An accurate birth chart can be achieved when provided with the exact details it needs to use in interpreting your life. You need to give your exact date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth to attain this.

These specific factors help the astrologer provide past, present and future life aspects by way of understanding the positions and movements of the planets at the exact moment of your birth.

One typical issue with creating a birth chart is that you may not know your exact time of birth. In fact, most people do not know this. This missing information may, however, be solved by rectification, wherein the closest possible time of your birth is determined. A good astrologer knows how to do this.

Astrologers usually help you out with this by gathering the most important events in your life and plotting them in the critical points in your birth chart. An astrologery may ask you if you know the approximate time of birth – whether at dawn, in the morning, noontime, early afternoon, at dusk or after dark. Even if your mom cannot remember the exact time, she can usually remember the time of day.

After your astrologer completes your birth chart, you can now look for the aspects in your unique astrological chart that will help you interpret your childhood.

Discover the aspects in your birth chart which reveal your childhood
The birth chart has certain aspects that help determine the important points in your life. It helps identify the different personalities and abilities you might have, whether in your past life, your childhood, your present, or your future.

These are the zodiacs, the planets, the houses, and the elements, among others. Even when you were once a child, your personality has been dominant according to your zodiac sign. If you are Leo, for example, you were probably once a loud kid who was always the center of attention. You always wanted to be heard and you must let everyone know what you want.

The houses in your birth chart also contain specific information about your childhood. The third house, which governs all communication and mental forms often reflects early educational experiences as a child. The fourth house speaks of your childhood home, your family background, and your ancestral roots, all of which provide insight into understanding your childhood influences and the ways they may be affecting your present life.

Finally, the fifth house, is the house that governs your childhood. The fifth house in your birth chart reveals how you expressed yourself as a child and how you tried to attain fulfillment and pleased yourself. The fifth house additionally governs your creativity, the games that you played, your past time, and the other fun activities you had.

Exploring the energetic events of your childhood helps you to understand why you behave the way you do. Study of your birth chart in the aspects that represent childhood may also reveal how your own childhood impacts and subconsciously informs your treatment towards your own kids and other children. Undestanding the impacts of childhood via your astrological birth chart may be the key towards healthy relationships with others and the key towards self-fulfillment.

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