NAOMI Compliant Bedding

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Look for the NAOMI-compliance seal instead of Greenguard Certification
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NAOMI Standard with regard to organic bedding
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In looking for organic bedding, the most scrupulous manufacturers will probably be NAOMI compliant. NAOMI stands for The National Organization of Organic Mattress Industry.

In order for a mattress to be NAOMI-compliant, it must meet the following criteria:

No synthetic fabrics may be used

There may be no chemicals believe to be toxic added or used

If mattress contains wool, that wool must be tested for arsenic and lead as well as having been grown from sheep raised according to organic standards

All inner fabrics must be GOTS-certified.

Cotton batting must be certified organic and other fabrics such as silk must also be certified organic or tested to NAOMI specifications.

Any rubber used in the bedding must be tested to be free of toxins. See list on NAOMI compliance website

NAOMI does not recognize Greenguard as the correct standard for qualifying organics mattresses. Greenguard certification is a part of Underwriters Laboratories environment. It is designed to help manufacturers and buyers in identifying materials with low chemical emissions.

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