Temple Grandin shows me a door

Experiencing a pivotal shift in consciousness while watching the movie about Temple Grandin

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Life opens a door and so does Temple Grandin
by Neva J. Howell

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As you can tell by my previous posts on Temple, watching the movie with Claire Danes made a strong and lasting impression with me.

I wanted to share a moment in the film that changed me.

It was when her mentor, Professor Carlock, played by the always excellent David Strathairn, encourages Temple to think of Life as a series of doors.

Seeing in pictures, the way autistics do according to Temple, she immediately saw an actual door between her and the situation she was stressing about or fearful of addressing.

She would make the decision to walk thru the door and see what was on the other side.

I loved this for several reasons. Putting a door between myself and something that is fearful for me feels very empowering to me. It also helps me focus on the decision to open or not open the door, rather than focusing on what is behind the door.

If I can remember Temple’s door analogy as I go thru the rest of my life, I think decisions are going to take on a flavor of adventure rather than dread.

Thank you Temple Grandin.

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