The L-A-C-K Trap

Poverty Consciousness and the Metaphysical Community
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Guest Article From Betsy Cagle
About Metaphysics and Lack

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Hi! It’s Betsy from Oracle20-20 Magazine coming to you once again. This time, I want to get something off my chest…

Why is it some of us in the metaphysical community still have a tendency to cling to old ways of thinking and being even though we know better??

I’m very frustrated…at myself for falling into this trap and at a number of others whom I’ve spoken with recently as well.

Specifically I’m referring to the feeling of L-A-C-K. Let me explain…

On Friday last week the engine light in my car came on while I was driving to work. Before I could stop my thoughts the first thing that came to mind was, “Oh crap! Just what I need. Something to go wrong with my car. How am I going to pay for this?” Then as fast as lightening my next thought was, “I can’t afford to fix my car right now! What am I going to do?”

I went right into the lack trap.

And of course, since that’s where I was vibrating, guess what I heard from 3 people I had conversations with about doing some advertising with us? Yep, L-A-C-K. In fact, I talked with one of my customers for 30 minutes and another one for an hour listening to their stories of lack.

We’re all people who very well know better than to go to this vibration and yet we all did it.


Good question. I think it’s because rather than do the conscious work necessary to catch ourselves we revert back to what’s comfortable. Perhaps in the case of my car breaking down it wasn’t exactly comfortable to have lack thoughts, but it has been my pre-programmed response when things like this happen.

I was lucky.

I actually remembered some of my training and though my heart was palpitating from fear, I took 3 deep breaths and realized that whatever was wrong with my car could turn out to be not so bad. After all, it didn’t break down in the middle of the road, there was no steam coming out of the radiator, no strange sounding noises…nothing but a little yellow light on the dashboard.

So I went right into gratefulness. Thank you for getting me home car. Thank you for not having to pay for a towing bill. Thank you for giving me time to figure this out.

My car is now at the shop getting looked at to see if they can tell me what the problem is. I’m focusing in on the moment. In this moment I’m fine. In this moment my car has a boo-boo, but basically it runs. In this moment I can see my way into paying for it to get fixed. In this moment I’m very grateful.

Oh, and on Sunday one of my customers also realized she was in a lack trap and decided she didn’t want to send that lack message out into the universe so she geared up to do a seminar and she placed 2 ads with us to advertise it. Now that’s putting out the prosperity vibration!

There is a very old saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before, “You have to spend money to make money.” But even more important, at the base of this saying is a feeling of forward motion, not a feeling of L-A-C-K.

Advertising is a way of connecting with people who have a high probability of becoming your customer. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not even next month, but eventually, if you continue putting out the vibration of prosperity and abundance they will come. And even though we all tend to think customers just won’t appear as the result of one ad (shame on us), maybe they will come tomorrow, or even….today! Now that’s what I call an abundance thought!

Are you falling into the L-A-C-K trap? Talk to me and I’ll help pull you out!

Until next time…In Joy & Light, Namaste
Betsy Cagle

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