Pondering my exit strategy

Is it time to go – am I through?

Reassessing the Need to Continue the Earth Experiment
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I was thinking yesterday
Maybe I should just go?

You know what I mean
by that?

Maybe I should just
leave the planet.

Maybe I’m through with
whatever I came to
experience here.

Then, I started thinking
about all I still wanted to
say … maybe I’m not through.

When I do go on to
other adventures, those
who love me may assume

I’ve said all I came to say
I’ve done all I came to do
I’ve been all I came to be

ps. Just in case this gets
construed as thoughts of
suicide, that’s not where I
am with all this. I know we
may decide when we’re done
and we may decide how and
when we go. That’s part of
that free will thing.

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