Can Psychics Do Readings by Phone or Email?

Do psychics have to see you in person to do a good reading?
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Question on Spiritual Wellness:
I saw your website and I’m very happy that you provided the information that you did about psychic readings. I questioned the advice that I received from psychics from (name of online service deleted) and since deleted my account.

What you said opened my eyes so that I don’t end up contacting frauds again.

I wanted to know two questions:

1, do you believe that psychics can do readings online in the form of chat? what about over the phone?

2, do you provide psychic readings?

Healing Facilitation Response:I’m so glad the information was helpful for you.

Yes, I believe genuine readings are possible thru any medium, including online or by phone. Since both time and distance are only persistently held human illusions, the Akashic Record information for each individual is available from anywhere, at any time, given the right agreement between the parties involved and depending on the clarity of the psychic tuning in to those records.

At this time, I don’t do readings either way because I have to spend so much time online already and the EMF waves from the phone are a challenge. However, I do have skype and at times when I’m somewhere for a while and can set up my computer, a skype reading might be possible. If you want to check back that would be fine.

Psychic frauds do exist but most who do readings, I’ve found, are sincere. The frauds tend to be (not always though) flashy and expensive. They also tend to read from scripts (or sound as if they are) that give the reading a rehearsed feel that I don’t trust.

If you want to connect and start enjoying more of a source connection yourself, I invite you into the space between things with me. All that need happen is that you intend to connect on this level.

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