Spontaneous Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing the Future and not knowing what to do with what I see
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Spontaneous Remote Viewing for the first time shakes me
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

For those who may not have heard the term, remote viewing involves the ability to see and correctly identify a target at some distance from where they are. The military has used remote views for a long time.

Remote Viewing, along with other psychic gifts, was humorously and dismissively referred to in the George Clooney film “Men Who Stare at Goats” recently. I like what flashed across the movie screen near the beginning of the film … more of this is true than you would believe.

Anyway, I have never personally experienced remote viewing myself, spontaneous or otherwise, til recently.

I was lying in bed, thinking of nothing in particular. Suddenly, it was as if a window opened in front of me and I was looking down a hall and into a shower where a young man was standing.

The shower stall was open in the room and had the feel of a military base. I was immediately overcome with the idea that something terrible was about to happen to this young man. The shock was so great that I psychically pulled back and broke the connection.

A few days later, it happened again.

This time, the window opened below my eyesight and when I looked thru it, I saw someone in military camouflage fatigues, climbing what appeared to be a black grate wall. This time, the man had a black covering of some kind over his head. Once again, I pulled back in shock.

I told a friend of mine about the very bizarre experiences and my feeling that I was experiencing spontaneous remote viewing.

A few days later, that same friend called and said she thought she knew who I was seeing in my dreams. There was a young man in the military, that had went in at about the same time as my friend’s son. Turns out, he tried to kill himself in the shower. Later, he was thrown in the brig for something and told my friend he tried to climb the wall to get out.

What do I make of this spontaneous remote viewing? Just that I was being called on to support this young man. I feel as if I failed him because I didn’t know what was going on. Since then though, I have kept him in my prayers and consciousness.

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