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Follow up on red mange treatment with Miracle Mineral Supplement
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Dog still free of mange 5 months after MMS treatments

Note on MMS: The FDA has issued a warning about MMS. You may want to read up on that if you are undecided about using it. MMS is a potent water purifier and I recommend keeping it in your emergency kit at home. There are also thousands of people who say that MMS has improved their health in one way or another. These are ancedotal stories, not based on scientific studies. Jim Humble has done a ton of research and appplication documention that I find impressive, particular about MMS and malaria but there are no medical claims made. My use of MMS on red mange was prior to the FDA warning. I make no medical claims but just share what happened.

I posted previously about a sad case of red mange I came across. The dog had it so bad. I was visiting and saw him and asked if I could just try the MMS since it was obvious he would not be taken to a vet, because the treatments for this type of mange mites is so expensive and not guaranteed to work at that.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, the dog was growing new hair after just a couple of treatments with MMS. The mange came back slightly on one ear so I treated him again and, since then, no mange. I think it’s kinda amazing.

However, I wanted to mention a couple of other red mange treatment options that I didn’t know about at the time I used the MMS with this dog. ps. If you have an interest in trying MMS, I have a couple of online sources to purchase MMS and I have information on the FDA warning on this product there as well.

One of them is the PetsBestRx Mange Cream and Mange Spray. This combo is guaranteed to stop the itching from mange and cure mange in your dog. It’s also non-toxic and free of pesticides, a big plus in my opinion.

In addition, please read this informative pet care article on demodectic mite causes, treatments and information.

One important fact about demodectic mites is that they normally don’t cause a problem in a dog unless the dog has a compromised immune system. For example, the dog I treated was very elderly so that could have been why the mange was able to take hold in his case.

Pet Health Disclaimer: None of these products are suggested as replacement for any needed veterinarian evaluation or treatment.

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