What a healer sees

What does a psychic or healer see
when they work with you, or read for you?
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Question on Spiritual Healing and Reading:
When you look at people while doing readings or healing work, what do you really “see”?

Healing Facilitation Response:
What I see when I look at someone depends on what is going on when I’m looking at them during the healing session. People are always in some degree of energetic flux or another so I can work with a person one day and see entirely different vibrational patterns, energies, etc. than the day before. Typically, the way an aura looks after a healing is quite different than how it looked before the healing session.

Sometimes, I see karmic patterns, sometimes I see whatever emotions are stirring or mental patterns are stimulated, sometimes I see if there is physical congestion or disorder….

Illness often shows up like a dark brown, syrupy area in the body for me. Trauma that has not been resolved may show up as jagged energy edges around the aura. Mental distress can be represented in jagged energy edges around the head.

A lot of times, I will see the luminous egg around the body but it will have breaks in it. For me this looks like a light egg with areas that are cracked and darker. Where the break occurs in the aura gives clues as to what might be going on.

I also see etheric chakra levels up off the body. I see about 12 or 13 of these. They look like bands of energy.

I see the patterns of light and information that are dancing at the moment. Most sessions I did before taking a LONG break from hands on healing sessions, I just watched the light show. It became less important to mentally involve myself, by thinking about what the patterns meant. God knows what God is doing. I didn’t have to figure that stuff out but sometimes, it was still helpful to do so because it might help the person on the table understand what had happened and where it parallelled their life.

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