Fear of opposite sex

Question about coping with alcohol and fear of relationships with opposite sex

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Question on Spiritual Healing:
I’ve reached a watershed on my spiritual journey and I think you may know why.
I still battle the alcohol demon, but I also have immense moments of clarity and do move forward both spiritually and mentally.

I for some reason fear the female essence and find it hard to connect. Its weird as I find the female form so atractive but my soul seems to keep me from engaging. Is this a personality defect or a deep karmic lesson?

Healing Facilitation Response:
If it is truly your soul keeping you from engaging the female essence, I would trust the wisdom of the soul. Sometimes, we need to be with ourselves or walk thru some process or the other before partnership with the opposite sex is workable in a good way in our lives.

So, my first question would be …. is it really your soul keeping you from engaging or is it the ego self?

If it’s the soul, I would surrender into letting go of the idea of having a partner right now and focus on healing the duality of male and female energies (giving and taking, being and doing, etc.) within myself.

Another piece of advice I would give would be to never again call your experience with alcohol demonic. Our mind believes everything we say. I would surrender to what is. That does NOT mean that I would accept that alcoholic abuse is just something I have to live with; I would surrender to the truth that it is something you are involved in right now. You could call it intense, or challenging, or any other realistic word and yet, I would not call it a demon. I would not give it that much power.

It is just an experience that you are having and learning from and deciding, on soul levels, to release or not release.

ps. on the alcohol, I wanted to be clear that I was not suggesting you stop thinking in terms of releasing it. I’m saying that the more we fight what we have already created, the more power and energy we give it. When we are able to stop fighting and own our present reality in a state of surrender, being willing to be with whatever is there, then shifting and releasing paradoxically becomes easier to accomplish.

On a practical level, when you are ready to release alcohol, nutrition can help greatly. Specifically, I’d suggest a product called Natural Calm that is a highly absorbable form of magnesium. Additionally, I’d recommend a fat-soluble form of Thiamine called Benfotiamine because alcohol depletes thiamine and magnesium. In addition, a good proteolytic enzyme formula and 64 ounces of purified water per day will be helpful in diminishing withdrawal symptoms. I’ve linked to those products below, for your convenience.

Natural Calm
Prebiotic and Probiotic Enzymes

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