Don’t think about it

The Wisdom of Don’t Think About It How to stop feeding negative thoughtforms. Related: How to cope with negative people

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Considering the Impact of Negative Gridline Focus

Negative thoughtforms are hungry more than evil. They are drawn to what feeds them. Evil is more a choice we make in response to shadow side impulses. Making choices that could be defined as evil means we are choosing to feed negative thoughtforms.

I’m often surprised at how aware I become of the negativity gridline around a fear, obsession or need whenever I am called on to counsel anyone who feels stuck in that gridline.

When I speak too much about any collective consciousness gridline that is dense (vibrating at the lower levels of fear, hate, shame, guilt, etc.), it begins to impact me because it brings my focus there.

It is such a paradox but when I don’t focus in that direction, negativity has far less impact in my life. At times, no impact at all.

I remember hearing, growing up, just don’t think about it and it will go away. I used to think about that statement.

Wasn’t that just denial? Looking back now, I see a gem of wisdom peeking out. Then glittering and then dancing like a fairy clown.

That is a big cosmic joke to me.

Give a dark side frequency the right kind of attention, which means looking in fear or in need or constant checking to see if it still there, and it may well take you over.

Reflect light to it in a state of surrender and let it go, completely, and it loses the power to impact in any significant way.

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