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Raw Nutrition from Coconut Oil and Derivatives

Organic raw coconut oil offers some remarkable health benefits. When I eat coconut oil on my toast instead of butter, even for a week, I actually notice weight loss. I also notice more energy and what feels like a healthy, mild thermogenic effect.

I love massaging coconut oil into my skin too. So deeply moisturizing and healing. You can also use it as a oil treatment for the hair. Works great but it’s a little hard to get out, fair warning.

Unlike some other processed oils you might cook with or flavor with, raw coconut oil is packed full of health-giving properties. It is antiviral due to the lauric acid, and is also antibacterial and antifungal.

I do not believe the saturated fats in coconut oil contribute to heart problems. In fact, the high level of lauric acid does the opposite, providing certain types of help to the heart in areas of blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

100% Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Virgin oil de Coco Creme
When buying coconut oil, look for all the following qualities: organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin and unrefined. All four attributes are important.

Other great products derived from coconut include amino acids formulas, coconut flour for cooking, coconut sugar, and low glycemic coconut sweeteners.

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