Letting Go of Meaning

Stopping the Search for Meaning and Direction
Let go and Let God

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Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Stopping the search for meaning has been one of the most profound and transformative decisions I’ve personally made. It wasn’t easy because the entire world used to be set up for the opposite. Whether you were a spiritual conscious being, seeking the direction and meaning of your soul’s path or an executive in an office seeking the best direction for your business.

There was no flow to life then, for me. It was all ran by the ego self, seeking and seeking for something that would tie it all together and make it work. The illusive search for meaning kept me so busy that I couldn’t see it did not work because it was based on having a strong relationship with something that was missing; something I could not see or seem to find.

Then, like myriad millions before me, I suddenly saw the insanity of the search for meaning and I began to let go.

Running a close second, in terms of stopping the search, is stopping the need to save anyone, or change anyone’s path, even if it looks destructive to me. That was even harder for me because it felt irresponsible and even callous. It took decades of this lifetime for me to see that taking on the challenges of another, regardless of why I was choosing to do it, did not ultimately empower them or me.

What integrity and sanity lead me to do now is witness with love, stand in a space of open heart, surrender the moment over and over, and walk with as much of my consciousness in each step as is possible for me in each moment.

Being, simply being, at the most specific vibration of joy and love that I can be in each moment, embracing all that I AM and i am, is the best way I can offer positive shift potential to anyone else on this planet.

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