Letting Go of Evil Stories

Letting Go Of Story When Evil is the Story
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A Cry for Help from a Paradigm I’ve Left Behind
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Question on Spiritual Healing: (shortened, paraphrased, personal info removed). I have a friend who had an experience with a Medicine Woman in the past. Ever since, he has felt an evil presence around her, talking to him. It is interfering with her being able to function. I think he is haunted. Can you help him? I wanted to ask before I told him because he has already told his story to a Medicine Man who replied callously that he couldn’t help him.

Healing Facilitation Response:
I also had a similar experience. I didn’t even see the Medicine Man. I was just at a retreat center where he was holding a workshop. Right after talking with someone who was taking that workshop, I went to sleep and I had an extremely evil presence wake me up. That evil presence stayed with me for quite some time. I remember when it happened that I had the spiritual awareness to know that whatever that evil presence truly was, it had found a vibrational match in me. It was my responsibility to look into my own shadow side and reclaim what had been thrust into density through anger, rage, resentment or other negative emotions. It was deep work.

What the medicine man may have been sharing was that the story doesn’t matter and, in fact, gets in the way and that, as long as your friend needs to identify with his story, he is stuck in that bandwidth and permanent shifting becomes tenuous if not impossible.

These are very, very different times than we’ve ever experienced on earth before and nowhere do I see that difference more than in the life of the healing facilitator. In fact, it has reached the point where I don’t know what is left to facilitate. There is only sharing and holding space in particular frequencies.

Letting go of our story, whatever it might be, is truly a huge part of that difference as well. As long as we need to tell it, we are too strongly identified with it to shift away from it, if that makes sense to you?

I truly don’t need to hear a person’s story to be of assistance to them. It’s better that I don’t. If your friend wants my assistance, I will give it etherically and in dreamtime.

However, since he has already had two experiences now with those who are supposed to be spiritually awake and aware that have left him in fear and doubt. So, he may not want to reach out again.

It’s up to him. If he emails, please ask him just to make contact and request etheric assistance and I’m happy to do hold space for shifting but not to send personal details because they will just slow down the process of shifting.

This is a very complex but simple solution. Let go and Let God. Let go of the story and what you think it means. Let go of needing to fix anything.

This doesn’t mean your friend not get professional mental health evaluation and help, if this is getting to the point that it is threatening his life. Also, it may be temporarily useful for him to contact someone who still works in the paradigm of purging the energy field of what could be called evil energies or entities, such as an exorcist. A person who knows how to clear energies and entities and provide energetic protection can create a resting space that may help your friend gain clarity and strength. I do not do this work.

I no longer approach this type of challenge that way. Perhaps the Medicine Man is in the same position and just did not verbalize the reason he said he could not help.

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