A Spiritual Wanderer Give Thanks

A Spiritual Wanderer Thanks You
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Grateful for the Rooted Ones With Open Hearts

Quite a few years ago, my reality began to unravel. The constructs of my life were taken apart, slowly at first and then drastically around 2001, until almost nothing remained of either my spiritual path of service or my ideas about reality.

I was not alone in this unraveling, no, far from it.

All across the world, wanderers were being created.

I’ve simplified my life repeatedly since 2001. At this point, most of what I own is in my car.

For those who know about the fast flowing river prophecy and the 2012 prophecies, simplification is one of the choices we can make to ease transition in these globally transformative times.

I am a spiritual wanderer by choice now. It isn’t an easy choice. Neither was staying rooted an easy choice and, for me, no longer even a viable one.

The rooted ones, what I call those who still own houses and have regular jobs, are so vital to this process and I have profound respect for those Divine Beings still willing to hold up the infrastructure of our current reality so that the transformative changes that have been prophesied and which are, in fact, occurring can happen more slowly and with more grace and ease.

I remember a book I read decades ago, just a novel of some sort …. in it, the main character says that she is amazed that so many people just allow her to wander in and out of their lives. I feel that way as well. I’m so grateful to have had so many spiritually aware people who are still rooted ones, by choice and in accordance with the Divine Plan, open their homes to this spiritual wanderer.

I want to say thank you today, to the rooted ones who have so graciously allowed me to rest, rejuvenate, wash my clothes and my body, eat, laugh and root in for short periods.

Loretta, Kathy, Lynn, Renee, Gail, Dane, Susan G, Susan C, Debbie and Lennox, Cathy and Ted, Joe and Kerrie, Lisa, Mom and anyone else I may be forgetting to mention.

I thank you deeply, from my heart.

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