Nutritional Value of Figs

Craving Figs so I looked it up – Nutritional Value Information
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Nutritional Value of those Fig Newtons I’ve been craving
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When I crave something, I figure it’s either because my body is needing something in that food or (if craving something unhealthy like refined sugar) there’s something else in my body that is craving something in that food i.e. parasites, fungus, systemic yeast, etc.

The way I can usually tell if a craving is good for me or will make me feel worse if given in to is by noticing the way I already feel. If I know my body is out of balance and I start craving something, I can usually tell if it’s because it will feed something I don’t want in my body to begin with, like candida.

Anyway, I have been craving fig bars. I don’t eat Fig Newtons brand but the organic fig bars from Newman’s Own.

Thought I’d read up on nutritional values of dried figs…..

OK, so figs are very high in sugar which could be a signal that I have systemic yeast if I had any other symptoms. I don’t so am going to assume that’s not what my body is needing.

Also figs are high in potassium …. and figs are also a fiber-rich food and the fiber in figs is water-soluble, useful for helping the body lower cholesterol levels naturally. More on lowering cholesterol naturally

My eliminatory functions have been a bit down so that could be something my body is wanting – more good fiber. Figs have a laxative effect, in fact, so that could certainly be why my body craves them.

More interesting nutritional values in eating dried figs …. found reference to the consumption of figs to help reduce risk of breast cancer, apparently because they contain a benzaldehyde derivative and benzaldehyde has tumor-shrinking properties, according to the Cancer Cure Foundation

Essiac Tea – Another Cancer Fighter

Additional nutritional value in dried figs: Vitamin A, Magnesium, Calcium

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