Anchoring the New Way

The New Way is available for anchoring – Personal choices to be made
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The Times so Many of us have worked toward are here

Copyright, Neva J. Howell

In the midst of earthquakes, oil spills, floods and all manner of disruptive Earth activities, a miracle is also happening. Lightworkers around the world are talking about it.

The new way, the way of creating as Light embodying form yet outside the rigid restrictions of third-dimensional lifeforms and manifesting with grace and ease, is here. The new way, of living in harmonious frequencies outside duality are here.

It’s normal and logical, when an energetic shift is stabilizing, to have conflicting old ways emerge and present themselves.

What has become vital for me is to avoid being pulled into the fear vibration or the gloom and doom vibration of the internet. The government and BP, for example, are tamping down on details and attempting to paint a rosier picture than the people are seeing.

On the other hand, the internet is full of “end of the earth” fear-based posts.

I am surfing thru the energies on both sides, in the new way.

Refusing to be pulled by inflamed duality, breathing it’s very last breath.

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