Are you a Wanderer?

Intriquing Info from Scott Mandelker and David Wilcock on Wanderer Phenomenon
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A Spiritual Wanderer, Yes, An ET Wanderer … Good Question
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I recently posted a thank you from a spiritual wanderer (myself) to the rooted ones who have helped wanderers stay sane.

I really wasn’t talking about the type of Wanderer I’m about to mention. I found this when I was checking to see if my post was showing up on any of the search engines.

David Wilcock talks about Wanderers in one of his many videos on youtube.

Also, Scott Mandelker has actually created a test to help people determine if they are what he is calling Wanderers. Well, Scott Mandelker didn’t actually originate the term “Wanderers”. That came earlier in the work of George Hunt Williamson and Carla Rueckert’s RA channelings. Those who know me know I’m not a big fan of channeled material so I’m unfamiliar with the RA channelings.

Anyway, Scott describes Wanderers as “the souls who are here to help Mother Earth”. Well, heck, that would be just about all of us at this point in the space/time continuium, wouldn’t it?

However, I think I know what he means….

There are definitely some among us who have never quite fit into form; some for whom the veil between worlds remained paper-thin from birth.

It’s been hard on those folks.

It’s been hard on me….

I’m not ready to say I’m one of the Wanderers Scott and David Wilcock are talking about but I do see some similarities. I’ve definitely looked up at the skies and cried out “take me home” on numerous occasions, and I’ve felt for my entire life as if I do not belong here, that this is a foreign environment for me.

However, I’m not that gentle and docile being which is described in the test, unless I’ve been using a direct bluntness to protect a deeper vulnerability.

I don’t know if I’m an E.T. Wanderer but I’m definitely a wanderer in the most practical sense, in that I wander from place to place and have no fixed home on the earth at this point.

Will include a link to the test for Wanderers in case anyone else has an interest in exploring this idea:

Are you a Wanderer?

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