Why So Serious?

Spotting Spiritual Signs
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Richard Bartlett strikes again!
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I met Richard Bartlett after reading his book on Matrix Energetics and trekking to Rhinebeck, New York to take levels 1 thru 3 of the Matrix Energetics training.

Since then, Richard has appeared in my dreamtime on occasion and his teachings have enriched my life on many levels. Therefore, I should not have been surprised when a message comes that appears to be straight from his frequency.

I was driving along, worried. I was worried because since the May Day change in google’s alogorhythm, my websites have dropped drastically in traffic and no matter what I do to appease the google gods, it has not yet risen back to former good status. Just as I was worrying about this, I look to my right and see, in huge black letters, the words


I laughed out loud. Richard said this a lot in the level 1 repeat class I did in Atlanta, Ga. He took it from Heath Ledger’s joker, of course. Why so serious, indeed. Thanks, Richard.

I re-learned that the vibration of worry and seriousness can derail a perfectly good creative flow starting to happen around a situation. I adjusted myself immediately. More on the why so serious frequency

Then, just an hour later, I’m sitting in the driver’s license office at the courthouse, holding my sore wrist and wondering if it was carpal tunnel. Across the room, I hear a man say….

“you ain’t got that carpal tunnel, do ya?”

Thinking he was talking to me, I looked around. He was not addressing me but the message was certainly for me.

I chose, right then. Nope, I ain’t got the carpal tunnel. I can choose. Richard Bartlett taught me that years ago, in a Matrix Energetics seminar. I can shift. Good day for noticing the spiritual signs that, I believe, are always available if I’d just tune in on a more consistent level. Deciding now, to tune in more consistently.

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