BP and the Coyote

An encounter with the trickster

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by Neva J. Howell

BP Oil and the Coyote’s Message

I was driving down the freeway today, and I had a thought I’ve had before. I was thinking about the Gulf Oil Spill and, as I had wondered before, I wondered again why sabotage or terrorism had never been considered, or at least not that I’ve ever heard in the news.

I had this thought….

“Was BP oil sabotaged? There are a lot of people who want us to stay dependent on foreign oil.”

Just as I had this thought, I saw a coyote walk to the edge of the road. The coyote then crossed the road leisurely, right in front of my oncoming car. I slowed down drastically to keep from hitting the coyote.

When it got across the road, it turned and looked at me. If a coyote can show surprise, this one looked surprised, almost as if to say “what are you doing out here?”

I know enough about animal medicine to know that was a message related to what I had just been asking the universe about BP and the oil spill situation.

Coyote is the trickster. Interesting that one would show up just when I’ve asked if there is something tricky going on with this oil spill thing, that people aren’t being told.

Update, 1-30-2013: Today, I’m noticing a wide swatch of storm, coming directly up from the gulf and crossing the entire southern edge of the U.S. The path of the storm is shown in bright red on the map. It could be a scream from the ocean’s floor, echoing across hundreds of miles. I think I hear it, even these years later.

Update, 2018: There was a conference about the impact of the Gulf Oil Spill in February of 2018 but I’ve been unable to find anything on the results of that conference.

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