There is only now

Seeing myself both coming and going
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by Neva J. Howell

There is only now

I passed a car exactly like my own, going in the opposite direction on a four-lane highway.

When the two cars lined up, exactly, I felt a sort of spark – an energetic zap.

I suddenly felt like the person in the other car was me.

I felt like I had just found the space within the space-time continuum where the illusions of past, present and future dissolved.

I felt as if I was witnessing everywhere I’d ever been and everywhere I would ever go, in that moment.

And that moment held it all – there was only now.

There is only now.

I have no idea why that one little moment triggered such a potent spiritual experience. Perhaps because it illuminated a truth that often gets lost in the act of being in the world. I had forgotten that there is no “other”. God chose this moment to show me, in ways that words probably never could, that there is only now, there is only this moment and we are one in this moment. We are all one, and all is here, right now.

Living in the flow

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