David Icke, the Matrix and Me

Is it you and me against the world? Or you and me against you and me?
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by Neva J. Howell

An Eckhart Tolle moment

Just watched part of David Icke’s 14-part interview on youtube, about awakening and consciousness. I had what felt like an Eckhart Tolle moment while listening to the audio interview.

Remember, in the Power of Now, how Eckhart talks about having the feeling that he couldn’t stand himself and then suddenly wondering … who is this self that is having this thought? It was a moment that changed him forever.

I had my Tolle flash of consciousness moment when I was listening to David Icke talking about the human race. I have a feeling this moment will reverberate and shift everything in my own life.

The moment occurred specifically as I heard David’s words about humans being “manipulated to believe” in a limited vision of who we really are. When I heard those three words, I felt the familiar energetic zap of awakening consciousness.

David goes on to speak of those who want to keep us suppressed and keep us in ignorance by dampening our pineal gland function. David believes this is done by reptilian races, here to stop the rest of us from spiritual awakening. Others believe it is the government while still others point to the churches as the “them” that suppresses “us” and wants to have ultimate control.

Icke echos Wilcock’s info on fluoride and how it is deliberately added (by “them”) to suppress our acceleration through suppressing pineal gland function

I’ve heard this matrix manipulation, us against them, scenario over and over. I agreed with it, never realizing that agreement might be creating a conflict and paradox in my etheric reality.
It certainly felt to me as if the structure of the world was based on greed, power and control of the masses. I believed in Mitakuye Oyasin, I thought, and yet believe in separate groups out to get me or keep me dumb, spiritually speaking.

Who is this “Them”?
However, today, I found myself asking …. who is this, who is this “them”? Who is doing the manipulating? Because I believe we are all related, in fact that we are all one, I suddenly saw that it had to be an aspect of me, some aspect of the One. So, from there, I wondered if taking an “us against them” approach was wise for me.

If I was looking at the government, or alien races, or anything else beyond my human body, as having the power to manipulate me without my consent, the belief that we are all related, all emerging from the same GodSeed Energy, sort of shattered for me.

If I instead stood in that belief of intertwined energetic consciousness woven thru all, I began to see the world situation a bit differently.

My conclusion, at least initially, is to assume I must have agreed to this apparent manipulation, for some reason my soul knows.

Perhaps the waking up and acceleration process is simply a self-improvement decision. The same way I might decide to lose weight, maybe I am (and many, many others in other human bodies are) choosing to lose the cosmic weight of manipulation and structure.

This is a rather potent idea for me, that there really is no one to fight or blame because I thought I already knew that … yet, I can clearly identify within me strong feelings that those who appear to be in power on this earth have some sort of improper control. That is an illusion I have decided to release.

What will take it’s place in consciousness within me? I don’t know yet.

For more on David Icke, the 14-part interview holds a lot of great, stimulating information;

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