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by Neva J. Howell

Transformative Products for Transformative Times

A few years ago, I purchased orgonite generators, hoping they would help with the brain fog and mental interference I’ve experienced from ELF waves and other electromagnetic abnormalities that are the result of our technology.

Although the orgonite generators did not particularly help with that, I had a mystical experience the first night that I used them, in that I woke in the middle of the night noticing two amazing things.

First, I could hear what I call the music of the spheres. I’ve only rarely heard that sound and I associate it with very high energies and Sacred Space.

The second thing I became aware of is that there appeared to be an energetic dome over my body, created by the 4 orgonite muffins I had at each corner of my bed. Above this dome, I saw what I can only describe as malevolent beings crawling. They were clearly attempting to get into my energy field and could not do so.

Never in my life had I seen anything like this. I’ve felt energies, sure, but to actually see them…it was quite the experience.

I kept the orgonite generators with me at all times for a while. Then, I began to notice that I didn’t feel good with them around. I think it’s the same kind of feeling I finally got to when I stopped smudging and doing all kinds of ceremonies of spiritual protection. I reached a point where it felt like the orgonite generators were keeping alive the fear of being attacked by malevolent beings. Besides, I only heard that magnificent music of the spheres the first night. Part of me kept hoping I’d hear it again.

I discovered a website today that sells orgone products and a lot of other interesting items and they also speak of 2012 in ways that resonate with what I believe about it as well, that we are co-creating this event in Earth’s history and that it’s important to act and choose wisely.

If you want to read more about orgonite generators, the 2012 preparatory information, and how to best navigate the fast flowing rivers of transformation, please visit Earth Transitions for more information. It may be that orgonite generators are right for you at this moment.

I can’t guarantee you’ll hear the music of the spheres but it was worth it to me, just to hear it that one night. So beautiful.

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