Functioning in the World at Large

What if I just can’t be out in the world anymore?
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by Neva J. Howell

A consciousness shift from which there may be no return

I had something shift in my consciousness the last time I went out into the world at large. Actually, that’s putting it very mildly. I don’t know if it had to do with the celestial tsunami that happened Tues. night but sometime after that, my reality was entirely different and I’m not sure it will ever shift back.

Not sure it needs to shift back either, by the way, but the new position is exceedingly uncomfortable. In fact, when I found myself in a crowded flow of people for the whole day, I literally felt I might be in hell.

I was out the public, with the public, all day long, for an event. I had forgotten, as holed up as I often am, how many are still encased in 3-d reality in ways that manifest as poverty and ill health. I think I heard about every illness that can be gotten and, by the way, none of these people knew that wellness was my vocation; it was just what they talked about in general conversation.

Since I’ve “retired” as a healer, realizing that it’s really none of my business what the path of others involves and that I had spent most of my years as a healer inserting myself into situations that were none of my business at a cosmic level, I could think of no reason to be in that vibration at all, much less be inundated by it all day.

Ironically, I still get emails almost every week by someone who feels they have been called to be a healer and so I still provide information about what that path has taught me. If you take that class though, just be aware that the last lesson may be a shocker!

I have seen that the purpose of this life is to hold, consistently, the highest vibration of awareness, joy, love and compassion. What I do or don’t do, say or don’t say, is irrelevant compared to that. The way this life can prove most useful to the good of the whole is to be my best self.

It may be that I can only do that amongst others who have also realized that is their best gift to the world. It may mean I retreat from the “world at large” and find community now. I hope so because I have zero desire to be in the vibration I was in that day.

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