How ’bout Now? Present Moment Revelation

Present Moment Exercise – Stepping into a new now
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by Neva J. Howell

When the present moment becomes a gateway

I was angry that day
and walking in that angry way

Hard steps, Head down,
Eyes so focused out and down
that I could burn ants on the ground
with my laser-beam scowl.

She rode up on a golf cart,
Blocking my path to speak.
I had to stop or hit her;
Only glanced slightly at her
lest I burn her up with my eyes.

“How are you today?”
she chirped.

“Not good.”
I said walking around the cart.

She jogs the cart
in front of me once more.

“How ’bout now?” she asks.

I repeated in capital letters
and stomped on.

A third time, she stopped me….

“How ’bout now?”

I felt my entire mind, body and consciousness shift in that “Now”.

I suddenly remembered what I had forgotten. The present moment, the Now, may be traveled through – there is more than one dimension in the now, more than one reality. The body may serve as a conduit for a new now if the right focus is also present.

All I needed to do was shift, literally, into a new now, a now without anger.

Thank you Davinia, for your persistent vibration of good cheer that day. You were a blessing to me.

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