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by Neva J. Howell
Improve lymph and blood circulation, muscle flexibility
and more with whole body vibration therapy

This information Courtesy of Maxam Labs

I was intriqued to hear about whole body vibration therapy from a friend who tried it in Ashland, Oregon. I even looked into purchasing a unit but they were really pricey (still are) and also, heavy and cumbersome. Glad to hear they are coming out with home units that are easier to use in the home.

The whole body vibration therapy machine being talked about in this article is the TurboSonic.

TurboSonic is FDA-Approved, registered with the FDA as a Class 1 powered exercise equipment / Vibrational Therapy Device.

Use of TurboSonic with clients may be billed by licensed Health Practitioners for therapy sessions under CPT codes for procedures, 97110, 97112 and 97530. Registration Number 890.5380.

TurboSonic promotes and increase in the production of beneficial hormones
TurboSonic’s passive exercise of our bodies 50 trillion cells promotes secretion of the following benefical, youth providing hormones including serotonin, human growth hormones, IGF-1, neurotrophine and testosterone.

Benefits of increasing hormonal production:

Serotonin: Having sufficient leves of the hormone serotonin helps promote a sense of well-being and happiness.

Neurotrophine: Stimulating neurotrophine hormone levels may provide increased brain activity.

Testosterone: Increased endurance, energy and strength may be noticed when testosterone levels are stimulated by the TurboSonic.

HGH and IGF-1: Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1 both help your cells to maintain normal and healthy reproduction processes.

These specific hormones assist the body in fighting the effects of aging and may help the body recover faster from illness or injury. Regular use of the TurboSonic can also help prevent aging by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility, while delaying the progress of various illnesses, such as degenerative arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis.

Did You Know You Can Easily Increase Muscle Strength?
As we age no matter how active we are, our body slowly begins to produce less growth hormone that plays an important part in maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

Exercise using the TurboSonic improves endurance of muscles, which is caused by stimulating the production of growth hormone to improve the function of slow twitch muscle fibers.

TurboSonic also stimulates fast twitch muscle fiber to produce powerful and/or revived muscles.

TurboSonic Use Improves Rehabilitation While Minimizing Stress On
The Recovering Body

TurboSonic use after surgery or injury can help prevent the loss of muscular strength that can occur, which is generally due to lack of exercise during the recovery period and concern about creating more stress on the body.

TurboSonic vertical sonic whole body vibration helps maintain the physique while improving lymph and blood circulation which can speed recovery.

TurboSonic is being widely used by many professional athletes and amateur athletes alike in their rehabilitation process to maximize their recovery while still receiving a no-stress full body workout.

Update, 2018: In updating my blog, I noticed that the TurboSonic does not seem to be available online anymore. I’m providing an amazon link to a whole body vibration machine that comes with a two year warranty and free shipping. Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Machine

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