Matrix Energetics and Parallel Selves

Creating Parallel Selves with Matrix Energetics
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by Neva J. Howell

How I Used Matrix Energetics Today

One of many interesting concepts I was introduced to, when I took Levels 1-3 of the Matrix Energetics training with Richard Bartlett, was this idea of parallel lives.

The idea itself wasn’t new to me. I had written about experiences that I had over the years, of feeling I had met a parallel self. There were just certain people that I felt such an extraordinary sense of resonation that I literally felt they were another part of me, and I of them, living different aspects of what my soul (and theirs) came to do this time around the reincarnation wheel.

What I got from the Matrix Energetics teachings with Richard Bartlett was this fun and valuable reality that I could create parallel selves from my limitless Source energy, sort of exactly like that commercial about the housewife cloning herself…I forget the product but it was supposed to help with housework so much that the woman would feel as if there were three of her doing the work.

I played with this idea a lot at first but then sort of forgot about it til I found myself driving again, a thing my core self does not enjoy. Suddenly, I remembered I could portion a bit of energy toward a parallel self who loves to drive and is great with directions. It was as easy as intending it. I created her and turned the driving over to her. Then my mind , what I call my monkey mind, started tormenting me. My monkey mind worries about everything, analyzes everything and, in general, just causes me to feel miserable.

I created a parallel self who just lives to worry, analyze and project scenarios. She lives for it and enjoys it so much that I just have to give all that monkey mind stuff to her. I tell her to just bring me back what she ends up with after all the worrying, analysis and projection. Just useful stuff.

Creating parallel selves who love to do the things I, at my core, do not enjoy, leaves me free to just Be, in the Now, Be in the present moment. That’s where the magic is and, thanks to my parallel selves, I am able to be more in that moment where inspiration arises and joy lives.

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