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Spiritual Destiny, Spiritual Choice – amazing commentary and video
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Destiny and Choice: Wisdom from Scaughdt

I got this email from Scaughdt, a Peace Pilgrim spreading light and love wherever he goes. I was awed by one of the videos in particular, the second one. If it feels aligned, I suggest you watch it start to finish. it contains a very transformative frequency.

OK, here’s Scaughdt’s message:

Hello Friend!

After a Wonder-filled journey to Germany, I have returned with a renewed perspective on Destiny and Choice; a perspective that could bring you and your entire community an enhanced sense of Peace and Joy.

These days, from almost every angle, there seem to be folks regaling us with warnings of impending doom. From “the end days” of 2012 to the “coming Rapture” to tales of ecological collapse, there is no shortage of people spreading warnings of inescapable woe. And far be it from me to reject any of their claims! Over the last several years of my unconventional life, there are a few things I have learned, and one of them is that neither I nor anyone else has a crystal-clear vision into the future.

And yet what are we to do with all of these wellsprings of worry?

Well for those of you who wish to become a POSITIVE FORCE for HARMONY in these somewhat trying times, here are a few videos that illustrate some tried and tested Life-Tips with regards to how to best handle impending calamity:

1) Especially when things appear to be at their worst, have the presence of being to simply BE; to simply sit still and evaluate things as they are (as opposed to how we fear they might become). When I have done so, I often discovered that what at first apperared to be my iminent demise, was often simply a playful Friend disguised as an enemy.

2) And even when mistakes are made and things are indeed “dangerous” (and there is nothing we can do to alter the situation), have the presence of being to allow things to unfold.
When I have done so, I often discovered that things rarely turn out as badly as they could have.

3) And when we watch too much of “the news” (which really isn’t new at all) and sink into despair; having gathered “viable evidence” that proves that our society is broken beyond repair, have the presence of being to remember that there is a greater Oneness that supersedes and eventually erases the frequencies of hatred and injustice and violence. When I have done so, I often discovered that the energies I was wasting on being critical or feeling helpless — when positively reinvested — enabled me to become a powerful Force for Love in my immediate community.

just some things to consider on your Journey back to True Self; a Journey that begins anew in every moment of your Life …


Live compassion…
Inspire generosity…
Value service…
Empower peace…
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